• The ultimate mobile venue

    Make your company the center of invaluable, hands-on, personal customer experiences that keep them talking (in a good way!)
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Need a training center, a hospitality suite or a personalized product launch venue? Chamelon does it all and then some.
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    We make it easy for you with affordable contracts ideal for a one-time event or a long-term campaign
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Think you know grassroots marketing? Our approach gives new meaning to “taking your message to the streets”
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Don’t worry about scheduling and logistics; that’s our job and we do it well
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Customized venue branding says your company has arrived – literally!
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Want us to manage your marketing campaign? No problem

Inter-company communications is fundamental to business success. But, let’s face it: mass distribution does not mean mass effectiveness. The reality is that most e-mail newsletters, PowerPoint product introductions and department-wide teleconferences just can’t connect on a level that is meaningful, memorable and motivating.

Now, you can take your company’s communication efforts to an entirely new level and to every employee personally. Seriously, think about how powerful that new product intro will be once every member of the staff has gotten to really see and use the product. Or how about making sure you’re team is fully informed about the latest software, your recent acquisition or the rollout of your new distribution strategy. The possibilities are endless.

Transform your “internal” communication program to an external employee program by taking it on the road with Chameleon. Call us now and start a whole new relationship with your staff.
  • Develop internal customer champions to facilitate external customer success
  • Ensure key messages are controlled, delivered and understood as intended
  • Elevate staff involvement, motivation and productivity
  • Reduce travel time commitments and expense
Areas of expertise
  • Business to business
  • Inter-company communications
  • Business to consumer
Full Marketing and Promotional Services
  • Event video production and editing
  • Strategic campaigns to create buzz for your upcoming roadshow
  • Marketing materials and collateral to support your event
  • Content development and writing support

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