• The ultimate mobile venue

    Make your company the center of invaluable, hands-on, personal customer experiences that keep them talking (in a good way!)
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Need a training center, a hospitality suite or a personalized product launch venue? Chamelon does it all and then some.
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    We make it easy for you with affordable contracts ideal for a one-time event or a long-term campaign
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Think you know grassroots marketing? Our approach gives new meaning to “taking your message to the streets”
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Don’t worry about scheduling and logistics; that’s our job and we do it well
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Customized venue branding says your company has arrived – literally!
  • The ultimate mobile venue

    Want us to manage your marketing campaign? No problem

When most people hear “Business to Business” it conjures up images of boring, stayed, uninteresting events and promotional efforts. But, with Chameleon, that’s all changed.

Business to Business events don’t have to be boring. In fact, Chameleon makes Business to Business creative, inventive, unconventional and, if you want it to be, a little on the edge. Want to know more? Our customers can tell you what our business means to their business.
  • Demonstrate any product, anywhere, anytime with a tactile experience that isn’t soon forgotten
  • Get guaranteed one-on-one time with customers for unique relationship building
  • Gauge product effectiveness with immediate, live customer feedback
Areas of expertise
  • Business to business
  • Inter-company communications
  • Business to consumer
Full Marketing and Promotional Services
  • Event video production and editing
  • Strategic campaigns to create buzz for your upcoming roadshow
  • Marketing materials and collateral to support your event
  • Content development and writing support

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Quasar Continues DemoLab™ Mobile Showroom and Training Center Tour
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